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Edouard d'Araille
A Biographical Note

Edouard d'Araille was born in 1974 in Canterbury, England, of a German mother and French father. The following year his parents and sister moved to the North of England, and he spent his childhood and teenage years in Leeds. About this town he is quoted as saying: "Personally I love this town most for its old-fashioned market hall and its extensive libraries. However, though I think that very few people realize it, Leeds was where the very first railtrack in the world was laid down, as well as being the birthplace of film-making in 1888." In 1989 Edouard d'Araille was accepted into Oxford University, where he studied French Language and Literature as well as European Philosophy. Tutored by Mike Inwood and A.C.Grayling among others, he graduated in 1992 and thereafter pursued Postgraduate Research in London. It was at this time that the first edition of 'his key work 'The Cosmic Mirror' took shape, as well as the lecture series 'The Life of Thought', which he now teaches both here and abroad. From remarks made in his semi-autobiographical volume of essays 'Pre-Posthumous Notes of an Anti-Critic', he has had a lifelong interest in reading and writing, not only in the perusal of literature, but in the nature of the reading and writing processes themselves. He names as some of his favourite authors Walt Whitman, Guy de Maupassant, Immanuel Kant and Nikolai Gogol.He has published eight volumes of poetry, most recent of which was 'Words Can't Hold...' which brings together new poetry as well as extracts from eight previous works. Always with an equal interest in film as in literature, Edouard d'Araille wrote and directed his first feature-length work in 1996, in the form of a documentary about the novels and cinema of Alain Robbe-Grillet ('Hotel Marienbad). Including interviews with authors Robbe-Grillet, Henri-Levy and Cabrera Infante, this film was highly acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. As well as filming further documentaries, including one about the 'Mystical Shoemaker' Jakob Behmen, Edouard d'Araille has published three full-length novels and countless short stories. 'Hollywood' is out this month (March 2007) and his psychlogical thriller 'A Divided Mind' in Winter. He is currently adapting 'Crime &nd Prostitution' for the screen, and lives in Shropshire with his wife - a photographer and knitwear designer - and their two young children, a boy and a girl.






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